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There are many approaches to autism, but none of them are universal. Together with the client we try to find the best route. In the Autis Center, we know that our clients are individuals who have their own personalities, and characters, which are not related to autism. Everyone likes something different, someone is sociable, but somebody else likes peaceful activities. The aim of the activities and services of the Autis Center is to involve clients in the team, to have the opportunity to make new friendships, experience and learn something new or develop new skills.

Target group

This service is designed for children and adults with autism and other pervasive developmental disorder aged 3-45 years old from all over the South Bohemian Region.


Offered activities focus on the development of gross and fine motorics , physical fitness and agility through physical and sporting activities. Clients can also enjoy activities focused on music, which helps support the development of sensory perception through music, songs and dances, as well as the area of art and therapeutic work in which we use various art and ceramic art methods. In the context of meaningful leisure time we encourage clients to practice social skills and personal care activities, learn about new places and make new friends.

Activities are designed specifically for clients on either end of the spectrum ie Asperger’s syndrome and high function autism and for clients with autism who need more support.

The objectives of the activities are set out in the Individual learning plan of the client.

The activities you could use:

  • physical and sports activities (eg. Fitness yard, climbing wall Lanovka, Jump Arena, cycling, swimming pool, playground, etc.) or the Autis Center for the use of sports equipment (eg. a special tricycle, basketball hoops,goals balls, floorball sticks, table tennis, skipping rope, playing on the field elements, etc ..),
  • ceramic art activities (work with different materials and using different techniques)
  • music therapy including musical equipment (eg . percussion, drums, keyboards, picture songs, CDs, etc.),
  • work therapy (job skills training in wood, metal and other materials using work benches and hand tools),
  • harmonization bed (resonance therapy),
  • complementary activities – activities used as a replacement programme if the client does not want to participate in the activities agreed in an Individual Plan (eg. work with iPads, relaxation and sensory room, board games, stay in the game room),
  • social skills training,
    • where we train especially the ability of our clients to travel by public transport, to go shopping, to organize their time, to keep a diary, to phone or arrange their personal affairs, visiting offices, operating conventional appliances, handling money, shopping, cooking and other personal care and social communication skills.
    • Within social skills training group clients attend regular group activities eg. theater, cinema, restaurants, cafes, exhibitions, etc. Within the group exercises we are perfecting skills that we use in interpersonal relationships, learn to read social situations properly, find solutions, share their need to talk about their feelings, gain feedback from others. The service is provided directly from the Autis Center or nearby.

In Autis Centre there is: an art and ceramic workshop, a room for social skills training and music therapy , a harmonization bed, a workshop with benches, a sensory relaxation room, a playroom – a lounge, kitchen and dining room for social skills training, and playground equipment.

Payment for services

Services within the scope of the core activities under the ACT no. 108/2006 are provided free of charge for certain activities, clients can contribute to the material, the purchase of special equipment, transportation, entrance fee arrangements, refreshments, etc.

Activities using  O.T.A. method (Open Therapy of Autism)

Individual activity

For this activity it is desirable to have the presence of parents, who can receive direct feedback on how to work communicate and develop their child in their home and other environments. Individual therapeutic activity with a length of 45 minutes is targeted at specific skills developing the child according to his level in these areas:

  • work behaviour,
  • communication,
  • personal care skills,
  • social and communication skills,
  • play and imitation.

Group Activities

Group activities last up to 45 minutes (15 minutes – with video analysis in the presence of a child and the parents, 30 minutes practice alone – without the presence of a parent). After every fourth session the therapist provides consultation with the parents outlining the information on the exercises and consults with the parents about more opportunities for development of the child.
Training is focused on social and communication skills, cooperation and play. A positive feedback using video is given to reinforce the healthy self esteem, which allows children to perceive their own actions better(we are using the principles of video training of interactions).

This is an optional service that is paid by the client.

Opening hours/services/

Monday – Thursday: 7:30 to 6:30 pm
Friday: 7:30 to 4:00 pm

Opening hours/activities/

Monday – Friday: 7:30 to 4:00 pm

Contact person:

Bc. Veronika Wohnigová
Head of the Social Activation Services
Mobile: 720 955 180



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