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Ikona oddělovače Suburban summer camps

Summer and holidays are an especially challenging period for parents of healthy children, and even more for parents caring the whole year for a child with autism. Such a parent does not have many options on where to get care for his/hers child while not attending school. Another problem is that many children with autism because of their disabilities, can not attend conventional camps. That’s why Autis Center prepares up to six courses of suburban summer camps for children with autism annually.

Summer camps take place on the premises of the Autis Center. Most of the children have their assistant during the camp so to help manage the week successfully with respect to the childs individual needs. Every week there is a prepared schedule including individual plans for clients. There are eg. physical activities, art activities, trips, walks, contests, cinema, zoo and many other activities on the agenda.

Camps run from 8:00 until 16:00. They are partially paid for by the parents. The price list is given in advance to all the parents, as well as the dates for the camps the following year.

Many thanks to the Rotary Club ČB and their colleagues from the Austrian Freistadt who financed assistants at six courses of summer camps in 2019.

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