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Ikona oddělovače Early care

Are you concerned that there is something wrong with your child? Is your child suspected of having autism or do you already have a report from a doctor, and you know that your child is being disadvantaged by autism?

In this case, please contact us by email or phone.

Early onset of professional intervention can help your child towards a better start in life and mitigate the impacts of disturbances on child development. We know that parents of these children must pay attention to their child much more intensively than they would with healthy children, and much more actively teach them to manage even the simplest practical and social skills. Significant changes can affect the whole family system. Early care support service cares for the family to such an extent that in this difficult situation they can work and actively support their child.

Target group

The service is provided for children up to 7 years of age diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorder or suspected of having the disorder and their families from the South Bohemian Region.


Basic services of Early care

Early intervention work in the family

  • foundation for the development of a young child is in his home environment therefore the mobile outreach services come to your home and discuss the procedure for your child development, what you need to work on,and what kind of experts you need to get to help you. Consultation can also take place directly in our Autis Center.
  • based on the current level of abilities and skills of the child we prepare an individual plan(IP) and discuss the next steps on how to develop the child.
  • we loan you some suitable tools, toys and literature.
  • we consult with you about preschool facilities.
  • arrange information about offers of appropriate therapies for children with autism, services, equipment and other experts, we provide information about the entitlements to social assistance and arrange contacts with other families.

Individual work with the child

  • Individual work with the child takes place at home or in our Autis Center.
  • Together with you we set the individual plan objectives we want to achieve, focusing particularly on the areas of:
    • communication
    • personal care
    • desk work
    • training games and imitation
    • development of fine and gross motoric skills, graphomotorics, thinking
    • solution of problem behavior,
    • introducing measures to improve the time and spatial orientation
    • generalization skills , ie. transfering of learned skills into other environments (kindergarten, school, etc.)
  • for the consultation (outreach, in the Autis Centre) we may invite other experts such as psychologists and speech therapist, special needs teachers , nutrition expert, assistant teacher. We agree a common approach as well as through e-mail, telephone or personal consultations at the Autis Center.

Individual interventions

  • Individual interventions are provided to parents of children with autism by therapist and psychologist Mgr. Premysl Mikolas from the Adam Organization – autistic children and us. These services can only be provided via the Autis Centre.
  • The main objective of the intervention is to help to find appropriate procedures for parents in coping with the education of children with autism, deal with situations that they find difficult current or long term, and help them to look at the problem from a different angle and with ease.

Consultations in preschools

Experience shows that engaging children with autism in joint education in kindergarten, is most effective for its social development. Involvement in the team is often very difficult, but for most children with autism are very desirable and irreplaceable.

  • in agreement with the parents we go to schools and other social service providers and consult with teachers and teaching assistants and if necessary. social service workers, to help support a child with autism and seek a common path
  • we work with the school counseling facility – Special Educational Center (SPC) in the České Budějovice.

Practical guide for parents and educators:

Optional services

Parents can use optional extra services if interested. Payment for optional services is included in the price list.

  • Rental equipment
  • Library
  • Parental training in early intervention using OTA method

Additional services for families

In the context of early intervention we also offer parents the possibility to share best practices, establish contacts with other families, expanding their knowledge and meeting up with various experts.

  • Discussions with experts
  • Meeting of families, including siblings
  • Residential camps for the families

Early care services working hours

Autis Center:
Monday – Tuesday 7:30 to 12:00

Outreach form (home or other environment):
Monday – Friday 7:30 to 4:00 p.m.

Contact persons:

Ing. Michaela Švecová, Early Care Coordinator
Mobile: 775 566 160

Mgr. Ingrid Baloun, Head of Early Care, Social Worker

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