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Ikona oddělovače About us

We are a nonprofitable and non-state organization that provides social services to people with autism and their families.
Autis Center, ops was formed for several reasons:

  • Children and adults with autism and their families in České Budejovice and surrounding areas were lacking the care which they deserved. There was a lack of social services that would help them in everyday life.
  • Lack of understanding and education from profesionals and the general public including social service providers and educational institutions.

These things we want to change.

What we build our services on?

To provide support to people with autism cannot be done otherwise than with love and respect to differences in their behaviour. We know in Autis Centre that people with autism deserve sensitive and empathetic people around them who know how to think about their work and are able to help them to understand the world around. The first is a respect for our individual client needs and developing a positive relationship with him. We educate ourselves, cooperate with experienced professionals use proven methods and work in close cooperation with the client and family.
Part of our activities is the cooperation with the South Bohemian Autistic Association whose members are people with autism, their families and friends. In Autis Center we are trying to meet in our practice the requirements of the active members of this association.

Why do we do it?

Nobody because of their disability deserves to live in an institution or away from the society. Even people with severe symptomatic of autism and mental disabilities or those who lead an independent life, but due to autism suffer from anxiety and uncertainty. Autis Center helps its clients and their families on the path to a normal life. We strive to enhance good practice in social services, build a culture of safe environment for children and adults with autism and share this with everyone, who is empathatic towards people with autism or any other disability.

Daily operations

Autis Center services are used by more than 70 clients with autism from the South Bohemian Region from the age 1 to 45 years old. Often due to the clients having severe symptomatology of autism, the services can not be provided otherwise than in the ratio of 1 client to 1 assistant. Our employees are facing great demands both professional and human. Self-denial and keeping emotions under control, providing comfort even when unable to find a suitable solution, education and willingness to help a client or colleague in this work is extremely important.

Autis Center Services are provided throughout the week. We provide social services registered to the Act no. 108/2006 on social services, especially social activation service and weekend respite stays for people with autism between 5 to 45 years old, and also early care service for clients from birth to 7 years old. The daily operation of the center is challenging both personally and financially, and it is only possible thanks to government support in the form of targeted subsidies, payments from clients and support of individual and corporate donors.

If it makes sense and you like what we do and would like to join us to help people with autism and their families, we will be grateful for any help.

A big thanks to the students of JV Jirsík Grammar School, Maths class 1989 – 1993,České Budějovice, who helped to set up this website.

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