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Crayon´s world – will be moved to another date

Milena Urbanová Milena Urbanová 15.04.2020 Ikona komentáře 0 komentářů

The Opening of the exhibition of paintings by children with autism can be viewed in a cafe in the Czech Radio České Budějovice. Children with autism often have very specific interests. On the one hand they can have artistic talent, on the other hand, a big handicap in social behavior and communication, which prevents them from participating in society.

Come along with us to peer into the world of people with autism, at least through their images.

Opening Ceremony: Wednesday, 1. 4. 2020 16:30
Where: Cafe in Český rozhlas, České Budějovice, ul. U tří lvů

The exhibition will run throughout the month of April. The pictures in the exhibition are for sale , by purchasing a picture you help support the activities of clients in the Autis Center workshops .
Blue dress to the opening ceremony of the exhibition is welcome.

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