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Ikona oddělovače Respite weekends

Dear parents, grandparents and , all those caring for a child or adult with autism needing the weekend to relax, recharge your batteries for further care, arrange your affairs, make time just for yourself, your partner or siblings
A relief service is here for you. During weekend stays we take over the care. The Weekend program is always carefully planned and adapted to the individual needs of our clients.

Target group: The service is designed for people with autism aged 5-45 years old from all over the South Region.

Weekend stays run from the Autis Center in České Budejovice, which features six individual bedrooms, bathroom with shower, three toilets, kitchen with dining room, lounge / games room and a sensory relaxation room. There is a garden with a playground (jungle gym, sandpit, trampoline, play equipment for children and adults, swings) and asphalt surface allowing for a variety of physical activities.

We organize special activities centred around the the clients needs and with the cooperation of the client and their gaurdian which have been drawn up in an individual care plan. Each client has a trained assistant who provides the appropriate program according to the client´s individual needs and interests. Furthermore the assistants provide support to the client in personal care, communication, contact with the environment, etc. During the stay it is possible to visit exhibitions and cultural events, swimming pools, theaters, zoos, Jump arena, Hopsárium, use the playground in the Autis Center, or nearby, cycling on cycle trails and other physical activities, tours of the area, and ceramic and art activities, music therapy, relaxation activities, music, films and fairy tales. Respite services are led by a professional person who prepares a weekend stay timetable and methodically helps the assistants.

Subject to availability clients may be allowed to use only a part of the weekend respite care according to their requirements as specified in the provision of services contract, eg. specific care, poor adaptation, challenging behavior, health problems etc.

Operation services

Stays are provided every 1st and 3rd weekend of the month from Friday evening(7 pm) to Sunday evening (7 pm )on these dates. The service can be provided for a maximum of 6 clients per weekend

Items to bring

  • clothing for home and for the outside (plenty of spare clothes, underwear)
  • sleepwear
  • slippers
  • hygienic supplies
  • towel
  • drugs (labeled medcine bottles and list of administered medication)
  • favorite thing (toys, books, diaries, cushion, sweets or other goodies etc.)
  • pocket money for admission fees, small snacks during trips, walks and for fares
  • ZTP / P Card

Contact person:

Bc. Klara Paukovičová
Head of Respite Care
Mobile: 775 566 081

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