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Establishment of the South Bohemian Autistic Association

Few people can imagine that more than a decade ago, people with autism and their families had only minimal opportunities in the education of their children, in choosing the appropriate social services, leisure activities, in finding suitable employment, vocational guidance and care services. Families of children with autism very often found themselves in social isolation. As a result of misunderstanding of their needs or the lack of follow-up services after the end of compulsory schooling , people with autism often ended up hospitalized in psychiatric hospitals or confined to their homes.

The aim of the South Bohemian Autistic Association and its active members are jointly trying to change the situation of people with autism and their families, and their integration into normal life. Members of the Association are the parents of people with autism and their friends.

This Association collaborates with Autis Center, ops, particularly in the context of awareness-raising events and activities for families and the general public. The aim of the cooperation is to share good practice and transfer of positive and negative experiences in care, education and employment of people with autism.


Where to find us ?

The South Bohemian Autism Association is located at 2219/44 Plzeňská ul. in České Budejovice and uses part of the space occupied by the Autis Center. The community center is a place of meeting up together for families with autistic children, siblings, friends and the general public during public events. Joint events are held several times a year. The parents of children with autism and their friends are largely involved in the organization of these events

The most popular events include the Easter meeting, Halloween, Christmas or ceramic workshops, garden parties. The Association has its own website


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